An enthusiastic creative falling somewhere between the labels "web designer" and "web developer". Passionate about design, development and most importantly user experience. An advocate of clean, accessible design and possessing a keen eye for detail.

Pianola Web App

Pianola is a beautifully simple yet powerful set of tools for bridge clubs and players. It allows users to easily manage club websites, members, competitions and subscriptions.
Pianola’s audience is generally the older demographic, so I designed a clean and simple user interface. I also did the front-end development and user interaction.
1. The bridge club member's homepage showing an interactive results history
2. The travellers page showing a detailed breakdown of session results
3. The new design is fully responsive

Pianola Sales Site

I also did a redesign of Pianola's sales website. The client wanted a responsive design with a clear focus on the benefits of the product for both clubs and players.
The site uses a tiny custom PHP templating engine. I also developed a very simple admin section capturing contact form enquiries, and made use of geolocation technology to tailor content for British, American and Australian clubs.
1. The sales site homepage showing the innovative club website builder
2. A clear seperation of benefits for Bridge clubs and players
3. A very simple pricing page for a very simple pricing structure

Pianola Replay

One of Pianola's unique features is the ability for a player to see a detailed breakdown of results from a session they've played in. We found that it would be useful for players if they could replay their hand to try different strategies and improve their game.
Tying into a new custom API (not developed by me), I built Pianola Replay, a browser based "game" allowing bridge players to replay any hand. Following on-screen guidance, the user can make decisions on how best to play a hand and try out different strategies.
1. Pianola Replay looks like the game of Bridge, just in your browser
2. Designed to still look and work great on the smallest of screens

Angus McDonald Photography

Angus McDonald is a Leeds-based photographer who was looking to update his online presence. He wanted a responsive website which showcased his work. The only requirement was that the design be very minimal, allowing the focus to be placed on his work.
I worked with a local company (Kensei Media, I did their site too) to design and develop Angus' site. They did the work to hook into their media hosting platform's API, and I did the HTML & CSS. The site is also fully responsive.
1. The homepage only shows Angus' work
2. Clicking on a collection shows high-res photographs that fill the screen
3. Fully responsive

Racetimer App

I wanted to expand on my (then) basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails - what better way than building a proper product? So I built RaceTimer, a service that allows any type of racing event (such as marathons) to be timed very easily.
The app allows a race organiser to create events, invite participants, draw the race route on a map (which then calculates the distance, elevation and even grabs the weather forecast). They can then time the race on any device, which then updates the race page with results.
1. The dashboard shows races created by the user
2. Choosing who is participating in the race
3. In-depth route information including a weather forecast
4. Race timer optimised for handheld devices

Racetimer IOS App

Like the previous project, this is another one where I wanted to learn something new. I built this very basic IOS app which allows the user to time races with multiple participants. It uses geolocation to pinpoint the race and displays it on a map. The results are stored in the device and can be emailed to participants.
I built the RaceTimer IOS App using Appcelerator's Titanium. It's written in Javascript and then compiled to run as a native application. Though it was only ever supposed to be a proof of concept - it's had a few thousand downloads and generally positive reviews in the App Store.
1. Designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use

Kensei Media Sales Site

Kensei Media is an innovative and easy-to-use media platform. The brief was to design a new sales site that would appeal to creative agencies.
I worked closely with a copywriter to come up with designs that would present tailored content in the most effective way.
1. The homepage, showing off the product to agencies
2. An in-depth tour focussing on the benefits of using the service
3. The pricing page

Pomodoro Timer IOS App

Pomodoro Timer is an IOS App that I developed in order to experiment with Titanium Alloy, an MVC platform for developing native IOS apps written in Javascript. The app facilitates the use of the Pomodoro technique, which is time management method designed to help anyone be more productive.
Essentially it's just a countdown timer, so I wanted the app's design to be very simple and intuitive. The app is no longer available in the IOS App Store, but in the year it was online, it was downloaded more than 20,000 times.
1. Simple and minimal design